Medium Bird Spiral Rope Perch $19.20
  • Medium Bird Spiral Rope Perch $19.20

Medium Bird Spiral Rope Perch


Elevate your bird's comfort with our Medium Bird Spiral Rope Perch. Mimicking natural branches, it promotes healthy feet and muscles. Safe, durable construction and vibrant colors stimulate senses. Easy installation for any cage. Upgrade your bird's perch today!

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Elevate Your Bird's Comfort with Our Medium Bird Spiral Rope Perch

Dynamic and Supportive Perching

Indulge your feathered friend with our Medium Bird Spiral Rope Perch, designed to provide a dynamic and supportive spot for your bird to rest and play. Here's why it's an essential addition to your bird's habitat:

Flexible Spiral Rope Design

Featuring a spiral rope design, this perch offers flexibility and support, mimicking the natural movement of branches in the wild. Your bird will enjoy the gentle bounce of the rope as they perch, promoting healthy feet and leg muscles.

Safe and Durable Construction

Crafted from high-quality materials, this perch ensures safety and durability for your beloved bird. The sturdy rope construction can withstand vigorous play and chewing, providing long-lasting enjoyment for your feathered companion.

Versatile Installation Options

With its versatile design, this perch can be easily installed in any birdcage or aviary. Simply attach the ends of the bungee rope to the sides of the cage, and watch as your bird enjoys its new favorite spot in no time.

Stimulating Visual Appeal

The vibrant colors of the bungee rope add visual stimulation to your bird's environment, keeping them engaged and entertained. Its dynamic design encourages exploration and play, promoting physical and mental stimulation for your bird.

Size: 70” Long cross by 0.8” wide

Treat Your Bird to the Ultimate Perching Experience Today! Upgrade your bird's perching experience with our Medium Bird Spiral Rope Perch. With its dynamic design, supportive construction, versatile installation options, and stimulating visual appeal, it's the perfect addition to any birdcage. Order now and give your bird the comfort and relaxation they deserve!


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Nice little sleeping corner!

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My IRN loves to sleep on this bungee rope while outside - keeps her little feet warm!


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