Pros & Cons of 2 Popular Types of Bird Cages

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Once you decide to have your first pet bird, you need to think about what kind of cage you want to get for your new friend. Since there are so many different kind of cages available on the market, it could be hard for you to choose. Today we will talk about the pros and cons of two very popular types of parrot cages, so you can see which type of cage will work better for you.

Square bird cage with “Play Top”

PROS: Build-in play gym for the bird to play outside of the cage Birds like to stay up high. The extra height of the play stand on top pf the cage will make the bird feel safer when sit on

CONS: The actual cage section is usually lower for the play top bird cages, so a lot of the time you might need to bend over to talk to the bird Sometime it could be hard to bring the bird down which he/she is sitting up high

Square bird cage with “Open Top”

PROS: Bird can sit on the top perch to play when the cage top opens when the bird sit on top, most of the droppings will fall inside of the cage, so it won't mess up the floor

CONS: When the cage top opens, it could be hard to hang toys inside of the cage When the bird sits on top, some of the droppings might fall into the feeding dishes inside of the cage.

Hopefully the above information can offer you a little help on choosing the perfect cage for your pet bird.

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