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Small Edible Calcium Clam Perch for Parrots


Small bolt-on edible calcium parrot bird perch for small to medium size birds such as, budgie, lovebird, parrotlet, cockatiel, conure, quaker, senegal, caique, etc.


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- Fun and health clam shaped parrot bird calcium perch, easy for the bird to stand on and chew 

- The bird perch is made of digestible calcium, which will give you bird stronger bones and better egg quality.

- The rough surface of the calcium bird perch let the bird trim its beak and nails naturally.

- The bird perch comes with washer and screws so it can fit on variety sizes of cages.

- 4” Long by 4”wide

- The calcium bird perch is suitable for medium to large size birds, such as budgie, lovebied, parroelt, cockatiel, conure, quaker, caique, etc.