Review for "32x21" Flight Cage for Bird Parrot Dove Pigeon Sugar Glider"

32x21" Flight Cage for Bird Parrot Dove Pigeon Sugar Glider

Don't let your bird be cramped with toys and accessories in a small bird cage. 32"X21" Spacious flight cage provides large living space for small bird and parrot, such us finch, canary, budgie, lovebird, and cockatiel, so they can live comfortably in the cage. It is also good for dove, pigeon, and small animals like sugar glider.


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Great flight cage

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I purchased this cage so that my two budgies would have room to fly around inside. It is about twice the size of their first cage and they are settling in to it very nicely. Now, about the assembly instructions, they are next to useless. Assembling the stand a cage is fairly straightforward however I am going to take a couple of minutes to help new purchasers around some pitfalls. When assembling the stand I found putting the bars in place for the top looks much better with the flat bracket part with the bolt holes on the back side of the legs. The assembly picture looks like it should be on the outside. For the cage part the four panels are screwed together but the front panel with the door is the only one that is obvious as to which way around it goes. The side panels need to be installed with the things that look like handles on the bottom on the inside. They are actually slides that the large plastic tray slide on. Also the end doors need to open out. The back panel is a little trickier. The one thing that tells you the difference between the inside and the outside is the small brass plugs at the bottom that the screws go in to for the seed catcher. They must be on the outside. I put the cage together with all of the screws quite loose which allowed me to adjust parts to line up the holes. Once all of the screws where in place I went around and tightened all of them. Overall this is a very well built cage and it is very well packaged. One final comment. I am 75 and disabled. I cannot stand easily or for very long. I was able to assemble 95% of this unit sitting down.