Review for "32x21" Flight Cage for Bird Parrot Dove Pigeon Sugar Glider"

32x21" Flight Cage for Bird Parrot Dove Pigeon Sugar Glider

Don't let your bird be cramped with toys and accessories in a small bird cage. 32"X21" Spacious flight cage provides large living space for small bird and parrot, such us finch, canary, budgie, lovebird, and cockatiel, so they can live comfortably in the cage. It is also good for dove, pigeon, and small animals like sugar glider.


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Flight cage with seeds guard

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On a scale of 10 for assembly I'll give this a 7/10 because the seeds guard parts is hard to install and there's no holes to the cage to screw the left and right guards so is all about fitting it in place as much as you can then use a plyer to bend the metal together to tighten it. Also the side doors for food or nestbox is hard to open once closed so I had to diy modified it into a sliding door for easy access. In my opinion the seeds guard looks nice on the cage but it's not that useful in catching the seeds cause the guard not wide enough. Overall the cage looks nice with good quality metal for the price it worth it.