Review for "32x21" Flight Cage for Bird Parrot Dove Pigeon Sugar Glider"

32x21" Flight Cage for Bird Parrot Dove Pigeon Sugar Glider

Don't let your bird be cramped with toys and accessories in a small bird cage. 32"X21" Spacious flight cage provides large living space for small bird and parrot, such us finch, canary, budgie, lovebird, and cockatiel, so they can live comfortably in the cage. It is also good for dove, pigeon, and small animals like sugar glider.


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Excellent sturdy large cage

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This is a solid, really nice quality cage with a secure latch. The seed guard works well for reducing the mess that drops on the floor when birds are loose on the top The bottom pan and floor grille slides in and out smoothly. The storage tray on the bottom is big enough to store your various bird supplies and food. I like this cage better than my similar cage by Prevue Pet Products (which is a bit flimsier and doesn't have the very important seed guard). I recommend snapping the side doors closed with a clip so there's no chance a clever strong bird can get out. This cage is highly recommended! I will be buying another. FYI: The white colour option is actually more of a light grey, not white. I actually prefer it to pure white since it shows less dirt and blends in better with most decor. Would love to see this exact cage offered in an even larger size some day.