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38" Triple-Compartment Stacked Finch Canary Breeding Cage (set of of 2 cages)


38" Triple compartments Stacked bird breeding Cage with removable divider for finch, canary, and sisken.



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Product Description

- 38" finch canary breeding cage with baked non-toxic coating which is guaranteed safe for the bird.

- The breeding cage has 3 compartments. One in the middle and two one the sides for the convenience of breeding.

- The breeding cage comes with 2 front and 2 side breeding door to hanging bird nest.

- The breeding cage has 5 clear plastic feeders with lid hanging outside that can stop most of mess.

- The breeding cage comes with 5 wood perches. 

- The breeding cage has a removable wire divider to keep the bird separated if needed.

- The breeding cage comes with pull-out metal tray that is easy to clean.

- The breeding cage comes with pull-out wire bottom grate that can isolate the bird with the mess on the bottom of the tray.

- The breeding cage is suitable for small bird such as finch, canary, sisken, etc.

Product Dimensions

- Cage Dimensions: 38"L X 10.5"W X 13"H

- Bar Spacing: 10 mm (<1/2")

- Bar Thickness: 1.5 mm 




Instruction of Installation

Download (1.44M)