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Versele-Laga Premium Seed Mixture for Canaries (1 KG)
  • Product Code: PF-B21068
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Versele-Laga Canaries Prestige Premium seed blend has a varied and balanced composition, specially attuned to the specific nutritional requirements of canaries. With VAM and fruit pellets full of extra vitamins, amino acids, minerals and Florastimul for optimal condition and digestion, chia seeds for extra provitions of omega-3 fatty acids and Oyster Shell for the correct functioning of the gizzard and the right calcium/phosphorus balance.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Provide freely, refresh regularly

COMPOSITION: Seeds (2% chia), cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals (2% oyster shells), oils and fats, fruit (10% in the fruit biscuit), sugars, FOS.

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